I used this for beard growth

Hey everyone! Finally I found the thing that grows beard thickly.

And the thing is The mancompany beard oil.

I bought this item two months ago from Amazon. 

In the first week Itself I saw a change my beard grows up to the cheek. I was totally shocked.

In the third week my beard grows on my neck. 

Then next after next month my beard grows thickly. It takes 1 and half months to get the results for me. 

This product is made with Rosemary, Thyme, lemon, Geranium, Almond oil, Argan oil, Hazelnut oil, Jojoba oil.

Rosemary oil: this oil will promote the growth of new hair rapidly and it has the ability to resist traction and it also decrease hair loss. 

Thyme oil: thyme oil protects skin from harmful fungal and bacterial infections. This oil can prevent from acne. 

Lemon: the richness of vitamin c promotes the hair long and strong. 
It will heal the scalp of dead cells.

Geranium: It nourishes nourishes the cells of the skin. Geranium is rich in antioxidants that will repair the damaged hair and add a silky shine. It will also strengthen the hair. 

Almond oil: Almond oil promotes better, stronger roots, it will also soften the hair. This will also prevent from dry hair. 

Argan oil: This oil will moisturize the hair and also fight against acne

Hazelnut oil: It will rejuvenate and hydrate the hair. Wearing this oil give your hair extra protection. 

Jojoba oil: this oil will give the hair to a cooly effect and also prevent from hair loss. 

The man company beard is very cheap and effective.  I must say that you should try this oil. You can buy this one from amazon. 
Also beware of fake products, there are so many sites selling fake products. So I put link The of original Mancompany beard oil below. You can buy this oil from clicking on the below link. 

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