Way to regrow your lost hair

Do you have hair loss? Are you afraid of baldness? Can my hair grow back? If that happens, what to do? Questions are giving you up?

5 months ago I saw my hair was falling off day by day. I was afraid that I would be bald. I used so many hair oils,creams but nothing help me. 

One day my friend told me about an oil named rosemary. And that was the first time i hear about that oil. I bought that oil from amazon. 

When i started using that oil i didn't see any result on first one two weeks. But after two weeks i saw the results. I noticed hair loss is stopped and  my hair is now growing back. 
Yes rosemary oil has the ability to regrowth and reduce hair falling. It has so many benefits for hair. Not only for hair it is good for the skin too. It is an antioxidant. The antioxidant  in this oil, repairs the damaged hair and prevents hair loss and makes the hair rapid growth. This oil makes your root more strengthen  than before. It will get rid of dandruff permanently and also protects your hair against from harmful effects like UV rays etc. 

How to use it:-
  • Mix almond oil along with the rosemary and also mix an egg white.
  •  Mix well for 5 min. 
  • After 5 min apply it on the whole hair. 
  • Wait until half an hour
  • After 30 min wash it off without a shampoo

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(shampoo your hair only on mornings with a natural shampoo) 

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