2 incredible fruits you must eat.

1. Bananas

Bananas are one of the world's most

popular fruits. They are incredibly healthy.

Bananas are rich in several minerals and

vitamins. They are also high in fiber.

Eating bananas daily has lots of benefits to

our body.

Here are the benefits of bananas.

1. reduce depression. 

Bananas provide vitamin B6 that help your

body to create serotonin. Bananas can

decrease your risk for depression, as you

grow older. Some of its nutrients can helps

your body against depression. 

2. Reduce blood pressure.

The banana is rich in potassium which is to

help with lowering the blood pressure. 

Studies have shown that daily eating of

bananas can help to lower blood pressure.

Bananas are fully loaded with Potassium

that will help to lowering blood pressure.

Eating two bananas may reduce your blood

pressure by 10 percent. 

3. Strong bones

The banana has an abundance of health

benefits including the ability to strengthen


Potassium, calcium, magnesium and

vitamin K contents in the banana help to

protect against osteoporosis. 

Bananas also contain high amounts of

"Fructooligosaccharide". These vitamins

and minerals containing in the banana

promote your body's ability to consume

bone building nutrients along with calcium.

4. Power up brain. 

Bananas are the world's best brain food.

Bananas are a tremendous "mood food" as

they help your brain produce chemicals

that build up good mental health.

Furthermore bananas are rich in B-6 and

carbohydrates. Bananas are a great source

of potassium that helps transfer oxygen to

brain to keep your mind sharp. 

The magnesium in banana promotes good

electrical activity among nerve cells in the


5. Help to prevent ulcer. 

The Banana has iron rich fruits which

stimulates the production of hemoglobin in

the blood. 

The "Sitoindosides" in dried, unripe

bananas increase mucus in the digestive

tract, which act as a shield to help prevent

and cure ulcer.

2. Raspberries.

Raspberries are very popular and they 

are among the healthiest fruits and are 

beneficial for your health. 

Here are the benefits of raspberries. 

1. Boost immune system. 

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants that 

reinforce your immune system and prevent

your body from dangerous diseases. 

Raspberry is packed with vitamin C which 

Improves immunity, combat flu, colds, 

infections etc. 

Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant agent 

And well effective in cleansing our blood. 

Antioxidants like phenols and anthocyanin 

Keeps us healthy for a lifetime. 

2. Burns fat. 

Raspberry contains fibre and manganese. 

The fibre slows down the digestive process. 

On the other side the manganese increase 

Your body metabolism which helps to burn

the fat more effectively. 

Raspberry increase the production of 

adiponectin and breaks down the fatty 


3. Prevent cancer. 

Raspberries contain potent antioxidants 

Work against inhibiting tumor growth. 

Raspberries contain high levels of ellagic 

acid. A research shows that ellagic acids 

may be help to prevent the cancer. 

4. Improves eyes health. 

Eating raspberries improves the eye

health and prevent your eye from several 


The antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C 

and phenols in the Raspberry helps to 

Prevent from dangerous eye diseases. 

The Ellagic acid contain in the Raspberry 

also upkeep of our eye health and vision. 

5. Boost memory. 

Consuming raspberries daily can prevent 

Memory loss and brain damage. They also 

Prevent from dangerous brain diseases and 

Other symptoms of old age. Raspberries 

Are rich in flavanoid which helps to 

prevent from age related memory loss. 

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