Do you rise early in the morning by hearing the alarm clock? Then you are at risk.

Do you rise early in the morning by hearing
the alarm clock?

Studies show that relying on an alarm clock is dangerous because you shocking the system and body.
If you are dependent on an alarm to get you
out of bed then you are not getting plenty of sleep.

'Depending on an alarm clock means that you are going to wake up during a stage of sleep, which you are not willing to wake' says Dr Stanley.
As long as we sleep, the electrical activity in our brain will slows and speed up again varioust imes. Relying on an alarm clock is really bad for you. It also makes you wake up at the wrong point in your sleep cycle, which can have a negative effect on your health.

'Deep sleep is the only time that the brain can properly rest and do, it's housekeeping,
allowing the brain and body to recuperate'
Says Dr Stanley.

When you use an alarm clock you are showing the body that will trigger a stress
reaction to woke you. So Relying on an alarm clock quite simply, make you depressed.

Studies and research show us that people
who are not getting enough deep sleep, will
remember negative experiences and forget
the positive experiences.

When you use an alarm clock you are
shocking system and body trigger a stress
response to wake you, increasing your
heart rate and blood pressure.

So if you are someone who needs to get up
at 6 am for work, you can work out when
you need to go to bed so that you can wake
naturally at 6am.

Professor foster also recommends that
`good sleep, hygiene we often ignore:
prioritizing getting to bed on time, banning
the screens from the bedroom, blocking
Out light and keeping temperature low.

So avoiding the alarm clock will make you
healthier and happier life.

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