Google Adds Search, Map Support to 'My Business' App

Google has released an updated version of the My Business app to allow users to share service-areas and information about their business via Maps and Search as well.

Google's 'My Business' is a free tool for businesses and organisations, created to help them manage their online presence across Google.

Businesses can connect with potential customers in their service areas and find new customers more easily thanks to this change. Since service areas vary from business to business, to make information accurate, users could also configure their service areas by adding specific postal codes or cities they cover.

"Taking into account the changes every business goes through, these settings can be adjusted as needed - so there's no need to worry about being locked into any specific area," Google said.

The company will guide new users through the setup process with prompts for local service area businesses and existing 'My Business' users would now be able to edit their business information from the app dashboard.

"You'll notice that the 'service area' and 'storefront address' can now be edited separately and if an address isn't applicable to your business, you can easily clear it," Pritchard added.

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