Google + Will Start Deleting All User-Data From April 2

Google has once again reiterated its plans to shut down the ill-fated Google+ social network on April 2, 2019. In a blog post earlier today, the company said that all Google+ accounts and pages created by users will be deleted as part of the process. "Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted", said the company.

The entire process, however, 'will take a few months' to be implemented. According to the post, "some content may remain visible during this time, you should take action before April to ensure you don’t lose any content you want to save".
Google first announced its decision to pull down the shutters on Google+ last year after the revelation of two major security flaws that could have potentially exposed the personal data of millions of users to unscrupulous developers.

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