Lower Frame Rates Apparently Reduce Recoil From Gun Fire in PUBG Fortnite

According to multiple user reports, Fortnite and PUBG players can gain tangible performance benefits by playing the games at high frame-rates.

The rate at which guns can be fired in both games is directly proportional to the frame-rate. Secondly, lowering the frame rate seems to impact recoil on different guns, effectively nullifying it.

YouTuber and PUBG player, WackyJacky101, fired a bunch of weapons at 180 FPS, 60 FPS and 30 FPS, revealing that the firing rates vary the most with the Groza, M416 and Vector at different frame rates.

Meanwhile, Fortnite gamers have seemingly known the issue for a while now, with a 4-month-old Reddit thread revealing the problem in great detail.

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