Pope Francis Introduce 'Click to Pray' App to Unite Catholics

Pope Francis introduced a new App called "Click to Pray" which allow 1.3 billion Roman Catholics to Join him in the prayer.

The Holy Father said the intention of the app is to connect CAtholics around the world, so they can share prayers through their smartphones.

“Click to Pray” allows users to post prayer intentions and view other prayer requests in six languages. After posting on the social network, one can track how many Catholics around the world have prayed for their request.

The Android and iOS app includes the pope’s monthly prayer intentions, all of the mysteries of the rosary, and daily prayers for morning, afternoon, and night. In each of these sections, users can click a box to indicate that they have completed the prayer and view how many others also prayed.

When you pray every day, in Click To Pray you will find three brief moments of daily prayers: morning, evening and night. Set the time to receive app notifications and we will remind you is time for praying. 
Pray with the Pope, going with him through his challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church. In this section you can also see The Pope's Video that will motivate you pray and live in your daily life this prayer intention. Connect yourself with the mission of the Church through Click To Pray.

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