Popular Android VPN Apps Leaking DNS Data

People often use VPNs to protect their privacy, but what happens when those same apps turn out to be security nightmares? According to a recent research from Top10VPN, many of the most popular free VPN apps are riddled with severe security flaws that could be jeopardising the privacy and security of their users.

According to Top10VPN researcher Simon Migliano, a study conducted on the 150 most-downloaded free VPN apps on Google Play Store revealed that 27 of them were found to be leaking DNS data, essentially defeating the very purpose of using a VPN in the first place.

This means that 27 out of the top 150 free VPN apps for Android are basically virus or malware. As for the critical issue of network performance and activity handling, the researchers used 103 apps to conducted the tests and found both major and minor issues. More specifically 14 VPN apps use DNS servers that are blacklisted, seven apps raised “man-in-the-middle” alarms, 22 apps were found to be very slow to be usable, two apps used completely transparent proxies, and another five apps did not cache information properly.

Furthermore, the study also found that 99 apps out of the 150 were seeking intrusive permissions that are not required for their stated functionality. These permissions included user location, device information, use of the microphone, camera access and more.

Out of everything tested, the only ones that didn’t ask for risky permissions passed the malware/virus tests, didn’t follow dangerous network practices, and didn’t leak any DNS data are the following:

Unlimited Free VPN Monster
VPN 360
VPN Proxy by Hexatech
Free and Unlimited VPN
Fire VPN
Free VPN Master
Fast VPN
VPN Master
Free Unlimited VPN
Super VPN Hotspot

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