Teenager Commits Suicide After Family Feud Allegedly Over Tik Tok App

A 15-year-old girl in Mumbai, India, has allegedly committed suicide last week for being scolded by her grandmother for using TikTok, the music and video-centric social network which is all the rage in Asia these days.
Police in Bhoiwada have registered an accidental death report, according to a Mumbai Mirror report. The report says the incident ocurred Thursday last week when the girl's family was celebrating her father’s birthday. The girl was reportedly taking the videos of herself using TikTok, and was scolded for not responding to other members of the family. Reacting to this, she apparently locked herself inside the bathroom and hanged herself.
"The victim was said to be always glued to her mobile phone and would keep shooting Tiktok videos. The family members told us that she was little sensitive. As she was scolded, she immediately went inside and hanged herself," a police officer was quoted as saying.

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