Humanoid Robot Leonardo can Jump Over Tall Buildings in a Single Leap

Scientists at Caltech are developing a humanoid robot with legs, wings and thrusters. Called Leonardo (LEg ON Aerial Robotic DrOne), the device is being built by the institution's Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies (CAST), and can leap over tall buildings with a single jump.

Leonardo is largely built out of carbon fiber, stands about two and a half feet tall, and weighs just 2.75 kilograms.

While it's described officially as a 'Flying Bipedal Robot', Leonardo is not so much a flyer as a massive jumper, with its thrusters said to enhance the jumping abilities of its legs, allowing it to take massive leaps and effortlessly traverse rough terrain.

As per Spectrum, the thursters are used to "actively balance Leo’s upper body, ... (while) the propellers are synchronized with the leg joints to move the torso up and down under closed-loop control".

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