Thousands of Android Apps Tracking Users With 'persistent Identifiers'

A new study from the International Computer Science Institute suggests that thousands of Android apps have been tracking user activity with 'persistent identifiers' to allow them to better target consumers for advertising purposes.

According to the researchers, the identifiers can be used to potentially track users by linking their advertising ID with other identifiers on the phone, such as the IMEI, Mac ID etc. While ad IDs can be reset, IMEIs and other identifiers are permanent, which makes it easy for advertisers to identify users with pinpoint accuracy.

According to researchers, at least around 24,000 apps were collecting and transmitting the ad ID, but approximately 17,000 of those were also transmitting other persistent identifiers in apparent violation of Play Store terms.

Some of the alleged offenders include Subway Surfers, Clean Master, Flipboard, My Talking Tom, Temple Run 2 and more.

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